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Leone "Whites"  Retain 2016 Shield

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4 July 2015:  It was exciting enough the first week of the ASRU Annual 15s Championships that Pago Eagle took the shield from Lalomalava, the excitement in the second week found Leone Whites coming very close to taking it away from Pago.  In the end, though, Pago Eagle retained the Shield, and will do so for the next two weeks as Pago drew the bye for July 11ths competition.

Tempers red hot and hands were flying, referee Faatausau dished out red cards to each side players in the first 10 minutes of play, and both teams played with 14 players for the rest of the contest.  All was calm after the red cards.



Final score:

Leone 15 - 15 Pago




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2013 Senior Mens 15s Weekly Shield Game Highlights

01 June 2013 - 

Fagatogo Blues has once again successfully defend its right to hold the ASRU ("Talita") Shield for another week.  A very strong scrum and relentless defense proved to be the difference against a very strong and persistent Nuuuli offense.  Nuuuli came to play.  And so far, it has been the toughest, yet, shield defense the Fagatogo side has had to sustain.  Both teams started off strongly for gaining field positions, and mounted strong offenses.  Nuuuli's defense came on strong in the second half but the Fagatogo Blues held favorable field positions for most of the second half and maintained its lead to sustain a successful campaign in defense of the Shield.  FAGATOGO 10 - NUUULI 5.

Vailoa will be challenging the shield this weekend, June 8th in the final game of the week at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.