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15 July 2017 - Leone "Whites" did it again.  The Whites survived a very strong challenge from Avele 7s to win the Manu'a Day 7s Rugby tourney held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium today, with the score of 19-17.  Congratulations to both sides for a great Championship game.  Well done.

15 July 2017 - Great rugby 7s action at Veterans Memorial Stadium today in celebration of the "Manu'a Day", commemorating the signing of the Manu'a Deed of Cession with the United States of America.  On the pitch, the ASRU welcome back the Fagaalu 7s rugby team along with the Aua "All Blacks" and Fagatogo "Blues".  Although the day seemed doomed by heavy rain at 6:00 in the early morning, it turned out to be a great day for rugby 7s.  (See results posted in Fixtures & Results)


4 July 2017:   ASRU has embarked on monthly Rugby 7s tournament to prepare for the upcoming Oceania 7s Championships November 10-11, 2017 in Suva, Fiji, and the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu following in the month of December 2017.

We are seeing a resurgence of ole talents in the past two tournaments, as well as new and young players.  We have also witnessed watched with great interest the participation of former New England Patriots running back, Joe Iosefa.  He was quite impressive in rugby colors of the Laulii "Molioleava"


This year marks the entry of our newest Club Member, the "MOAMOANIUA" Rugby Club from the hamlet of Sa'ilele, Eastern District.  It should be very interesting.


ALL INTERESTED in trying out for the "TALAVALU 7s" heading to Fiji and Vanuatu later in the year, either join an active club or call us so we can arrange try out or at the very least discuss your interests.  Contact us on the following email: or the Executive Secretary, Falefata Moli Lemana: 







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International Competitions

The U19 tournament has been a valuable one for the ASRU as we continue to build our presence in international rugby competition.  Played every two years, we have managed to field teams in 2010 and 2012.  ASRU hopes to continue its participation in order to attract young players to rugby as we compete for young players with American football and soccer in the talent pool.  

Oceania Cup is the biennial 15s tournament for the Federation of Oceania Rugby Union.  The participation is usually does not include Tier 1 and Tier 2 FORU teams.  American Samoa is slated to participate in this tournament for the first time in 2013 to be held in Port Moresby, PNG from July 3 - 10.

The Oceania Sevens is played every year and is the premier tournament for American Samoa participation in international rugby. American Samoa has fielded teams in the 2011 and 2012 tournaments, and is looking forward to continuing its participation in this event.  

ASRU Local Tournaments


Every year from May to August, the ASRU host the mainstay of Rugby in American Samoa - the Senior Mens 15 a side. This is really what the game of rugby is about.  The Seven-A-Side has gained more prominence with the advent of the HSBC World Series hosted by the IRB.  Now, with the trial of Rugby Sevens in the Olympics in 2016, Rugby Sevens is truly expected to take a new face in the world of Rugby.  However, the game of rugby is still the Fifteens.  ASRU hopes we can continue to attract the attention of younger more dedicated rugby players to the 15s game, and be able to finally take a place for ourselves in the Rugby World Cup soon.  ASRU expects that with any success in entering that class of world rugby competition, we expect some of our players will finally be able to tap the world of professional rugby internationally.  That is the hope, and that is the goal for Rugby 15s.


ASRU FLAG DAY INTERNATIONAL SEVENS: The annual Flag Day Sevens is one of the usual major ASRU tournaments of the year.  Since 2012, however, at the request of the Marist St. Joseph Association in American Samoa, ASRU gave permission to Marist to host this tournament under the label: TMO/Marist Pago International.  The 2014, however, is going to be named TMO/Marist/American Samoa International. For 2015, the Flag Day Sevens will return to the hosting of the ASRU, while the TMO/Marist/American Samoa International Sevens will move to a new date, in the effort to conincide with the availability of teams from the south.  Hopefully, with the ASRU returning to hosting the Flag Day tournament, we will see at least two major Sevens tournaments in 2015. The ASRU hopes we will be able to see two more such tournaments launched before the end of 2015.


GHC Reid & Co. has indicated that it plans to return to hosting the annual Vailima/GHC Reid & Co. Rugby Sevens Tournament in 2015.


ASRU is hopeful as well that Paramount Builders will relaunch the Paramount Builders Rugby Sevens usually in December in 2015.