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Leone "Whites"  Retain 2016 Shield

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4 July 2015:  It was exciting enough the first week of the ASRU Annual 15s Championships that Pago Eagle took the shield from Lalomalava, the excitement in the second week found Leone Whites coming very close to taking it away from Pago.  In the end, though, Pago Eagle retained the Shield, and will do so for the next two weeks as Pago drew the bye for July 11ths competition.

Tempers red hot and hands were flying, referee Faatausau dished out red cards to each side players in the first 10 minutes of play, and both teams played with 14 players for the rest of the contest.  All was calm after the red cards.



Final score:

Leone 15 - 15 Pago




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  • Max reupena (Saturday, October 11 14 08:42 pm EDT)

    E muamua pea ona faamalo i alo ma tama fanau o lo o tauaveina le igoa o amerika samoa lea u faaigoaina o le talavalu ae maise o le ofisa mamalu male paia o le atunuu o paia faale malo aemaise o tou
    paia faale atua aemaise o le taitai o le malo o amerika samoa malo tau malo taumafai

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Archive of Comments (October - December 2012)

  • Ropan(Wednesday, December 05 12 09:59 am EST)05 12 09:59 am EST)

This world cup has been brilliant for the mwnonis'. It's about time the IRB and Big 8 Nations let them take part in world rugby more than just letting them make up the numbers once every 4 years. Georgia, Namibia, Romania, USA, Canada, Samoa, Portugal etc have all done brilliantly well and it was such a shame Georgia didn't beat Ireland. How good would that have been. It's time to expand the tri nations and 6 nations. Currently there is a 6 nations b tournament for teams like Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Russia etc compete in but that's as far as they are allowed to go. Why not expand the 6 Nations to 8 Nations and have a playoff every year between the last placed team in the 8 Nations and the Top team in the 8 Nations b. While we are at it get the USA and Canada involved. They are northern hemisphere nations after all. Maybe have Georgia and Canada in the 8 Nations A and add USA to 8 Nations B. The USA and Canada are about to set up a north American professional league anyway. Having them in the 6 nations set up would increase the profile of rugby there and help turn them into true professionals. They would also bring some great fans to the event. I was at the Canada v Fiji game today in Cardiff and it was full of Canadian rugby fans. They love it! Argentina have to play in the Tri Nations. It looks like they will reach the 1/2 finals of the Rugby World Cup and from there who knows. It's a crime they have not been asked to join already and I don't think SANZAR will every let them or anyone else as they want all the money for themselves. Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and Japan must also be involved in the Tri Nations and Super 14 as well. In Europe we need to set up a European League to replace the Guinness Premiership, Celtic League, French Top 14, Italian Super 10 and Heineken Cup with all the clubs split into different conferences (like American Footballs NFL) Less games but of Higher quality (just look how poor the 6 Nations have been in this World Cup and it's easy to see our domestic Leagues are not helping us) Also allow Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Russia etc to enter 1 professional franchise each into the Euro League. Come on IRB and Big 8. Have the guts and give international rugby a kick up the backside!

  • Ahmed(Wednesday, December 05 12 08:37 am EST)

No the change in the experimental laws is to quicken up the game so there are less stoppages. You only get pinned for a professional foul which is a straight arm. Everything else is a short arm which allows you to take a quick tap and run. It's tiring and you have to be really fit with the new laws.

  • Ivan(Wednesday, December 05 12 03:34 am EST)

They’re still stupid rules. The Northern Hemisphere was doing just fine without them. We were selling out crowds every week. It's just that even despite this Entertaining Running Rugby' in the Southern Hemisphere, they couldn't give away tickets. So as long as they introduce just the ones that are in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment, it won't end up like league and chances are that's all that will happen because we outnumber Southern Hemisphere teams and will just reject them at voting time.

  • Panos(Tuesday, December 04 12 10:28 pm EST)

Sorry Steve, have to disagree with you. Don't see why it's an issue, it's less than a cup of coffee, the demoted lite version was a try before you buy at no cost and I couldn't see anything that suggested that this is an Adidas app, just assuming they will have some licensing agreement for use of the logo. App developers should be charging for quality content so they can be rewarded for their work and yes the companies that the contents come from which will be both NZRFU and Adidas should also be rewarded as if it wasn't for them there would be no need for the app. It's the buyers choice at the end of the day. All the information is available on their website for free, just not in the format we want it delivered to us, so we have to paid for that service. I haven't purchased the app because it doesn't have the iPad version and the lite version has enough info for me and I have complimented them with other RWC apps which give me what I want.(Topes has made 64 comments)

  • Vivek(Tuesday, December 04 12 10:23 pm EST)

I hope so, brian m. I hope they go the whole hog, so that Union, in effect, becomes League, and thus disappears. Union is fundamentally flawed. The only way to get any sort of watchable play is by ignoring the rules, particularly with regard to blocking, offside and playing the ball on the ground after being tackled. This is clearly why law changes are happening. I played Union for my school for 7 years, and for some time wondered why our school referees blew the whistle every other second, but the refs on TV didn't. When I looked a bit closer at the TV games, I realized the players were committing just as many offences as me and my mates at school, but the refs weren't penalizing them, obviously because the refs on TV knew that if they kept on stopping the game every second, people would soon switch off.

  • Mohamed(Tuesday, December 04 12 08:32 pm EST)

I am starting to fear you may well be right! I played for over 30yrs and saw a lot of changes, some I agreed with some not but the game fundamentally stayed the same. I now live in Australia and if your a union man you have to watch the Super 14 or nothing at all. the new ELV's don't look to bad at 1st glance is hands in the ruck, well why not your not allowed to ruck anymore anyway! Pulling down the maul, everyone was doing it on the opposite side to the ref anyway! But all that's incidental when you look at what they have done to the scrum! Some skinny short guy who can do the 100 meters in 10.8 seconds, couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, feeding the ball under the back rowers feet, now that's starting to sound like league to me. I really hope that doesn't happen to the beautiful game. Lets keep the two games separate. They are two GREAT GAMES>

  • ALVIN S. MATA'UTIA(Monday, October 15 12 01:44 am EDT)

What's up. Hello from San Diego. My name is Alvin S. Mata'utia and I am in full support of American Samoa's Rugby Team. I will be using this website to follow up with the teams status. Good luck.